Zip case

ZIP BAG 2 in 1

design for travellers

With Zip Case the size of the hand luggage can be split in two peaces. This case is made of two bags which can be easily separate in any moment – just Zip it off and you got the trolley case and the suitcase.

The main idea is to help a passenger to organise better his personal stuffs and to the air company employs to handle better the luggage .

Sometimes because of the full overhead locker you need to put your luggage far from your seat. It’s not so good solution if you need something from you bag.

With Zip Case you can split your personal stuffs.

The trolley case is provided for clothes, shoes…the stuffs that you don’t need during the flight. The suitcase is provided for your documents, computer, ipod, mp3 player, phone,…the things that you can use during the flight. When you enter to the air plane you can leave your trolley case to hostess to handle it in overhead lockers. The suitcase if you like you can put it under the seat in front of you so you can have all your personal stuffs that can make your flight more pleasant right near to you without need to give up and search it in the bag.

The idea of the Zip case can organise better the space in overhead lockers and give the passengers a quick accessibility of luggage during the flight.

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